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Vanguard Safety Wear: MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove "Texas Long Cuff"

Type: Gloves

MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove "Texas Long Cuff"

MODEL # 78771

Cuff extension length 16cm from glove body edge.

Cuff opening width 29cm for size 76W (LG) and will vary up/down 6mm accordingly from size to size.
Cuff material 100% Nomex woven fabric lined with 100% cotton woven fabric 300gm/sq mtr weight with flame resistant finish.
Nomex belt with metal clip for tightening cuff
5mm wide reflective tape across cuff where it meets glove body.


The first number is the measurement of the Firefighter's index finger. The second part of the size, the letter, comes from the width of the Firefighter's hand across the knuckles. Please see the below diagraph chart from NFPA 1971-2018, Protective Ensembles for Structural Firefighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, for how to size the Firefighter's hand. If measurements are in between sizes it is recommended to trade up