Pro-Tech 8 Vision Firefighting Glove

Type: Gloves

Discover the ultimate gear companion for maintaining a secure hold and safeguarding your hands – introducing Vision, the pinnacle of structural firefighting gloves. Crafted with a robust and breathable water buffalo-hide exterior, Vision ensures an unparalleled grip, both in wet and dry conditions. Notably, Water Buffalo leather boasts a thickness three times that of cowhide, resulting in heightened durability and exceptional resistance against flames, wear, and abrasion.

A groundbreaking safety innovation awaits on the glove's back – the luminous RIT rescue band. Designed specifically for low-visibility settings, this band emits a sustained green glow, significantly enhancing accountability at fire scenes and aiding rapid intervention teams (RITs) in swiftly locating fallen firefighters. Complemented by our HiVis reflective stripes, Vision becomes an indispensable locating tool during nighttime, low-light situations, and amidst smoke.

Drawing from Pro-Tech 8's unmatched expertise in firefighter safety, Vision incorporates pioneering features. Each pair boasts the industry's first DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® finger sidewalls for unparalleled dexterity. The inclusion of a modacrylic liner ensures effortless donning and doffing, while providing optimal comfort. Furthermore, Vision offers unique hand protection features that outshine conventional structural firefighting gloves, such as the robust 8-layer knuckle guard and the advanced Porelle® PFTE moisture barrier.

This exceptional design is fortified by our signature multi-layer construction and materials endorsed by NFPA 1971-2018 certification, ensuring maximal defense against thermal exposure, penetration, and viral/chemical hazards.