Majestic Fire Apparel: Structural Firefighting Kangaroo Leather

Type: Gloves

The HAND is equipped with a 3D curved and ergonomic design, carefully contoured to fit the shape of the hand for enhanced comfort and grip. It features a knuckle break and knuckle padding to provide flexibility and protection during use. The PALM of the hand is reinforced for durability and incorporates a digital textured surface for improved traction and control. The FINGERS are designed with fourchette fingers, ensuring a better fit and dexterity. The fold-over seamless fingertips offer a smooth and seamless feel, while a liner is sewn into the fingertips to prevent the liner from pulling out. The HAND also includes a winged thumb for enhanced movement and flexibility. The CUFF features a wristlet design and a shirred elastic wrist, allowing for a snug fit and easy adjustment. Additionally, a leather pull-tab is included to assist in putting on and removing the gloves.

The gloves are available in sizes ranging from xx-small to xxx-large.