Fire Engineering Books: Operational Intelligence for Health, Wellness, and Leadership

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Operational Intelligence for Health, Wellness, and Leadership addresses a gap in fire service literature on fire academy curriculum for health and wellness. Specifically, how to reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer, and suicide through lifestyle. 

The book uses Aristotle's theory of responsibility as the foundation for a human behavior change model. It also examines resilience and leadership to get beyond buzzwords and ties both of those concepts to health and wellness.

The chapter on leadership challenges decades of leadership literature from academia to military to the fire service. It brings long sought-after clarity for distinguishing leadership from management, and leadership as a noun from leadership as a verb. It provides a definition of leadership that is objective, and therefore assessable. 

In the words of the late Chief Bobby Halton, “This book is going to change the fire service.”

ISBN: 9781593705886

By Gamaliel Baer and David Schary